About us

First and foremost, we're coffee lovers. We're also wine lovers.
We are a locally-owned proudly Canadian family business with deep ties to Brazil's famous coffee traditions.  Coffee has been a strong part in our family for many generations, helping us get up in the morning and keep going throughout the day.
Through years of trial and error and hands-on experience, we have identified a select number of businesses who love coffee as much as we do.  These are small and medium-sized companies, producers who sometimes roast their own beans, or roasters who sometimes grow their own beans.  In either approach, the highest quality is assured through the love and appreciation for nature and the proper processes to brew a coffee that is best appreciated with no sugar.  You don't put sugar in your wine, do you...?
Like wine, coffee is a noble drink and one of life's small pleasures. 
Coffee is a lot like wine in many different ways; from the complex quality-production system to the rituals that surround the experience of enjoying the drink itself.
It's our desire that you experience the rush of goodness that goes through your body when you get to drink such a great cup of coffee.